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Windsifters are used to separate the material into coarse and fine material on the basis of their ratio of gravity and flow resistance. The material to be separated is spread on the accelerator belt as widely and evenly as possible, accelerated by the belt to an adapted speed and transported to the ejecting edge. An upward flow is generated with an adjustable air nozzle mounted under the conveyor belt. This upward flow hits the upper area of the rotating drum and is passed through it in a laminar flow to the expansion space. The material is separated by the air flow into lightweight and heavy material. The lightweight materials are carried at high speed into the expansion chamber, where the air velocity is reduced to such an extent that the lightweight materials pass into a container or onto a discharger conveyor. In front of the rotating drum in the windsifter, the heavy materials fall downward into a container or can also transported away with a discharger conveyor. The air volume introduced into the expansion space is withdrawn in the upper area of the windsifter and sucked in again by the blower or channelled into a filter system.

Scope of application

  • Waste incineration systems
  • Sorting systems
  • Glass recycling plants
  • Landfills
  • General separation technology


  • Accelerator belt
  • Rotating drum
  • Air nozzles