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Everything revolves around your needs

Service and maintenance

Our specialists and service technicians ensure that your system runs smoothly. Avoid costly downtime - rely on our support. We avoid costly downtime and ensure trouble-free operation with our 24-hour emergency standby service:

  • 3 service locations (Rubigen, Monthey VS, Wetzikon ZH)
  • Reliable and fast supply of spare parts
  • Professional repair and maintenance work
  • 24-hour emergency standby service
  • Fully equipped service vehicles
  • Leading vulcanisation of conveyor belts of all types
  • Customised solutions for our customers

We are also happy to take care of the maintenance of your installations at any time. Our quality work brings you many advantages!

If you would like to receive an offer or order spare parts, please fill in the relevant form (German).

Our spare parts




Comprehensive technical consultancy complements our extensive range perfectly. We understand your concerns really well, because we know how to put ourselves in your shoes. Our team of specialists will give you targeted and effective support. Take advantage of our straightforward and expert consultancy.



We are happy to plan, analyse, design, implement, install and maintain your individual project in the field of material handling and plant engineering. We always take into account that the structure is a small part of a whole and must fit the overall system.

We offer:

  • personal consultancy
  • cost-conscious planning
  • tailor-made concepts
  • project processing by experienced engineers



Innovative process technology

In a gravel plant, raw material (wall gravel, river gravel, blasted stone, etc.) is processed into concrete or pavement aggregates using suitable machinery. The process-technical solution for the preparation and refinement of raw material (stones and soils) depends, on the one hand, on the nature of the same and, on the other hand, on the desired target products.

We support your project during the offer and realization phase and develop a concept with process technology tailored to your project. This enables a significant increase in the value of the extracted or recycled material (processing of primary and secondary raw materials). This means tangible financial benefits and new standards for environmentally friendly processing of the materials.

The determination of the process technology is tailored to the material to be processed and the quantity to be processed. This makes your project unique.

Our experienced process-engineering specialists will support you with:

  • Plant design with process engineering
  • Plant modifications
  • Plant designs, plant concepts
  • Selection of the right machines, clarification of technical details and clarifications with machine suppliers
  • Support during commissioning
  • Examination of standards and regulations (technical challenges, consequences)
  • Carrying out machine tests
  • Cooperation with laboratories and universities (material analyses, tests for new processes)

Factors for the selection of machines

  • Size of the largest grains and grain distribution in the raw material (raw material curve)
  • Sand and sludge content in the raw material (analysis of raw sand)
  • Impurities in the raw material (wood, conglomerates, adhesive products, etc.)
  • Use of the target products (concrete, pavement, special applications)

Contact us to show you an economical and sustainable business that meets the demanding standard requirements and can fulfil an effective circular economy.

► Download brochure process engineering (German)



Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of statutory regulations form the basis of our powerful, forward-looking manufacturing. Rest assured that we always execute your order on time and in the usual Swiss quality.

Among other things, the following state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure is at our disposal:

  • laser cutting system (2 x 4 m, 4.4 kW)
  • press brake (4 m)
  • guillotine shears (4 m, up to 10 mm thickness)
  • paint shop
  • sand blasting equipment



Our skilled installation teams assemble and install, commission and hand over the conveyors. We also install single components and spare parts efficiently and reliably. We always guarantee professional assembly and installation.



Frei Fördertechnik AG can draw upon many years of experience in the vulcanisation of conveyor belts. The great know-how and the use of state-of-the-art technology make us the leading vulcanisation company in Switzerland.

► Our products and services Vulcanization


The future of after-sales service

From June 2023, Frei Fördertechnik has launched a new initiative to provide digital customer support.

This novel, customer-focused solution aims to reduce planned and unplanned downtime through an easy-to-use after-sales service portal.

Selected customers will have access to the Services 4.0 platform to report, document and analyse maintenance processes and production anomalies. This ensures long-term value creation through an improved customer experience for years to come.

The benefits are obvious:

  1. Faster response time compared to traditional contacting.
  2. Quick access to all machine and spare parts documentation
  3. Easy access thanks to QR code on the respective machine component
  4. Complete overview of historical maintenance data
  5. Simple ticket creation to report a problem
  6. Spare parts management at the push of a button directly on the plant component

► Easy access thanks to QR code on the respective system component

All relevant information is accessible by simply scanning the code on the machine - the easiest way to log in and communicate on the platform

► Easy handling of service requests or spare parts enquiries

Ticket creation directly on the assigned machine - select, describe concern, select category - done! To ensure the fastest possible problem resolution, a chat function is integrated for the exchange of documents, photos, videos, etc.

► Machine Resource Management

The complete life cycle of a machine is mapped on the platform - from purchase to spare parts and maintenance to user manuals and project documentation.


Are you interested in a digital solution for your installation?

Get in touch with us. We would be happy to show you more about our new digital after-sales service platform.

For Plants, Industry and Construction


What is 3D laser scanning?

In recent years, laser scanning has established itself as an effective method of stock measurement in the field of plant design and construction. Its advantages include a high level of accuracy, high speed of data acquisition and therefore cost reduction. In contrast to direct individual measurements (manual measurement), it allows the generation of an almost complete representation of the planning area.

Possibilities of use

Most of the time, we only have incomplete plans of existing buildings and installations. In addition, plans are not always updated during the design of buildings or installations. The three-dimensional scanning of existing installations by laser scanning significantly facilitates the preparation of all kinds of design documents. Frei Fördertechnik AG uses 3D laser scanning for a variety of applications. Take advantage of our experience.

  • Industrial and plant measurement as a basis for modernisation, development and optimisation of production
  • No plans, outdated or incomplete plans
  • Manual measurement too complicated, impossible or too expensive
  • Building survey, measurement of existing buildings, including building technology and existing installations.
  • Ground surveys (volume calculations)
  • Visualisations and animations
  • Digitisation of existing building surveys (interior and exterior), existing situations and existing field surveys by laser and use them as a basis for CAD evaluation
  • Accurate 'as-built' data

The advantages at a glance

Laser scanning enables the rapid creation of 3D images of the installation, without contact and at a great distance from the measured objects. These 3D images serve as the basis for the subsequent planning steps.

  • Efficient, fast and simple data collection
  • Planning security due to comprehensive information
  • High level of accuracy
  • Non-contact measuring method
  • Various fields of application
  • Customised use in Autodesk Inventor 2020 possible
  • Economical
  • Adjustable scanning resolution
  • Photorealistic 3D visualisations in conjunction with Autodesk ReCab
  • Can be used during operation if no shocks are present
  • No additional accessories (scaffolding, etc.) required
  • Our service: laser scanning - the modern measuring system

We digitise your measurement object on site using 3D laser scanning and generate a highly accurate 3D point cloud drawing as a basis for planning. The resulting point cloud is used to transfer the customer-specific 3D model into CAD Inventor 2020.

3D laser scanning: Efficient, fast and complete. Andreas Lauber (Mobile-Nr. +41 79 234 36 10) will be happy to inform you in detail.