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Spare parts


We ensure smooth operation with our service package. An extensive stock of spare parts guarantees short delivery times.

Luftkanone, Agrichema
AGRICHEMA air guns

Spare parts for air guns/air blast equipment in all areas of the bulk materials handling industry from AGRICHEMA and spare parts for the acquired AIR-O-BLAST products.

Bandabdeckung, Blechhaube
Belt cover, hood, plate

Optimum protection for bulk material and conveyor belt systems.

Gurtwendestation, Schema
Belt turn station

Belt turn stations for a clean conveyor line.

Bevel gear motor

Various designs and types allow a wide variety of uses, even at the most unfavourable conditions.

Auffangblech, Förderanlage
Capture plates

Protection of persons and vehicles

Drive pulley

Broad range of pulleys for every application.

Antriebeinschnürtrommel, Blechchassis
Drive snub pulley

Sheet metal chassis, bolted construction, welded construction, truss construction

Drum washing machine

For the efficient washing of gravel.

Vorabstreifer DURT HAWG
DURT HAWG pre-scraper

Seilzugnotschalter, Sensorik
Emergency pull-wire switch

It must be possible to switch off conveyor belt systems along the conveying path in an emergency.

ERA dewatering screens

Spare parts for a lifetime.

Aufgabetrimelle V-Form, Förderanlage
Feed hopper, V shape

Feed hopper with back wall

Aufgabetrimelle X-Form
Feed hopper, X shape

Feed hopper with back wall

Flanschlager FF
FF flange bearings

Simple design, effective in daily use.

Flat gear motor

Various designs and types allow a wide variety of uses, even at the most unfavourable conditions.

Vergitterung, Rücklaufrolle

Safety according to today's standards.

Förderbandrollen, GURTEC
GURTEC conveyor rollers

with impact rings, return rollers with support and impact rings, lateral guide rollers from GURTEC

Abstreifer Hartmetall
Hard metal scrapers

Prallstation, Prallrollen
Impact roller station

Roller table, girder table, impact table, combination table.

Induktive Sensoren
Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors for monitoring the system.

Verschleissplatten ISENMANN
ISENMANN wear plates

ISENMANN wear plates made of polyurethane with perforated sheet reinforcement

Dosiertechnik JAUDT, Zwischenflanschklappe
JAUDT Dosiertechnik

Rotary feeders, slide gates, butterfly valves, double shuttle valves, switches, segment closures.

Klopfrolle, Seilfördergurt
Knocker roll

Easy belt cleaning without external drive using the knocker roll.

Lateral guide, V shape

Material guiding of bulk materials in all areas.

Seitenführung X-Form
Lateral guide, X shape

Material guiding of bulk materials in all areas.

Luftfedersystem, LuCoTec

Luftfedersysteme für Siebmaschinen und ähnliche schwingungstechnische Geräte

Martin Engineering Abstreifer

Scrapers for every application in PU.

Metalldetektoren EAB

Orten von Eisen- als auch Nicht-Eisenmetall.

Off-track detector

Off-track detector for monitoring the system.

Pillow blocks and flange bearings

Bearings for all sizes.

PIT VIPER pre-scraper

ROSTA Gummifederlagerungen

Die erste Wahl für Gummifeder- und Dämpfungssysteme.

Sandabscheider, Ersatzteile
Sand screw

For efficient sand-water separation.

Scoop wheel

For low-energy sand-water separation.

Screening machines, Euroclass

Broad range of pulleys for every application.

Siebbeläge ISENMANN

Drahtsiebe, Harfensiebe, Polyurethansiebe, ISEFlex-Siebe, Gummisiebe, Isepren Verschleissschutzteile


Sieben, Aufbereiten, Zentrifugieren

Speed monitor

Speed monitor for monitoring the system.

Spanntrommel, Umlenktrommel
Tension drum and tail pulley

Pulleys for every application.

Tensioning station, horizontal

From a distance between axles (A-A) of approx. 100 m, it must be checked whether a vertical or horizontal tensioning station should be used.

Toro and Amaro crushers

For a targeted crushing process.

Wear lining


Seitenführung, Holz
Wooden lateral guide

Simple, inexpensive and effective.

worm gear motor

Various designs and types allow a wide variety of uses, even at the most unfavourable conditions.

Spare parts

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Spare parts

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Ruedi Meyer
Ruedi Meyer

Technische Beratung und Verkauf / zuständig für Ammann Produkte

Telefon +41 31 720 56 61

Fritz Rothenbühler

Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Telefon +41 31 720 56 44
Mobile +41 79 236 72 54

Dominique Joseph Gobet
Dominique Gobet

Technische Beratung und Verkauf / zuständig für Vertretungen Lucotec, Sandvik, Siebtechnik

Telefon +41 31 720 56 26