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Non-metallic minerals


As a general contractor, we perform for you the implementation of individual total plants, complete gravel plants as well as complex processing plants or the optimisation of existing infrastructure.

Conversion, extension, service and maintenance are part of our total range alongside the creation of complete systems for the conveying of bulk material and the integration of third-party products.

As a general contractor, we plan your new plant or your plant expansion. We offer our support with the optimisation or conversion of your existing system. Top-quality workmanship, reliable service and professional maintenance guarantee a long service life of the system.

In addition, we manufacture complex customised systems at our factory in Rubigen.

  • Excavation washing plants
  • Concrete plants
  • Gravel plants
  • Stone crushing plants
  • Quarries
  • Cement plants

Non-metallic minerals


When implementing your plant for the conveying of gravel, chippings, stone or sand, we pay meticulous attention to features such as individuality, economic feasibility and functionality. Depending on the raw material, we choose the right wet or dry processing method for you.

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Belt feeder

The purpose of a belt feeder is to withdraw the bulk material from a silo with a clearly defined flow and transfer it to the downstream conveyor system.

Bucket elevator

Our bucket elevators are used for the vertical and continuous transport of bulk material. The bulk material is transferred to the buckets at the bucket conveyor inlet.

Change-over flap

A change-over flap is used for diverting bulk materials onto different paths.

Conveyor belt

Our standard conveyor belts are equipped with a flat rubber belt and recessed stations.

Corrugated edge conveyor

Corrugated edge conveyors are used once it is no longer possible to overcome the required gradient with a flat rubber belt.


Lumpy feed material is mechanically crushed by crushers into smaller particle sizes, ranging in size from coarse to medium.

Curved screen installation

Curved screen installation for the separation of solids

Discharger conveyor

The purpose of a discharger conveyor is to withdraw the bulk material from a feeding hopper with a clearly defined flow and transfer it to the downstream conveyor system.

Drum washing machine

For the efficient washing of gravel.


Mit Entstaubungsanlagen können die gesetzlich geforderten Partikelrestgehalte im Reingas garantiert werden.

ERA dewatering screens

Vacuum drainage for low residual moisture.

Feeding hopper

The excavated material is fed by truck, dumper or wheel loader into the feed hopper and then siloed.


Hydrocyclones are centrifugal separators for liquid mixtures.

Mobile conveyors

Mobile conveyor belts for horticulture, forestry and agriculture, municipal work, earthmoving, construction and building renovation - ready for immediate use!

Movable belt conveyor

Movable belt conveyors are used to eject the bulk material with a conveyor belt at multiple points.

Overbelt magnet

Permanently magnetic overbelt magnets are used when foreign iron content is to be removed automatically from bulk materials.

Pulsator jig

A pulsator jig is used to separate light material from heavy material according to the principle of density sorting.

Reciprocating feeder

The purpose of a reciprocating feeder is to withdraw the bulk material from a heap with a clearly defined flow and transfer it to the downstream conveyor system.

Sand screw

For efficient sand-water separation.

Sand trap

A sand trap is used for draining and fine sand recovery from solid-water slurries from the underflow of a washing screen or dissolution station.

Scoop wheel

For low-energy sand-water separation.

Screen cylinder

The purpose of a screen cylinder is to pre-sift the washed material. It is therefore usually built on a washing drum.

Screening machine, screening technology

A screening machine is used to grade the bulk material according to desired particle sizes.

Screening machines, Euroclass

Equipped with Isenmann screen surfaces.

Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors are continuous conveyors for all gradients.

Sheet metal construction

We design and build the appropriate and required sheet metal constructions for you.


The sizer is an attractive machine for dry sizing.

Steel construction

We design and build the appropriate and required steel constructions for you.

Toro and Amaro crushers

For a targeted crushing process.

Treatment tower

Treatment towers are an important part in the treatment of process water and sludge.

Trough chain conveyor

The purpose of a trough chain conveyor is to transport heavily flowing or very dusty material in a closed system.

Trough feeder

Trough feeders are suitable for conveying and batch feeding of flowable bulk materials of almost any particle size.

Truck loader

A truck loader serves to load the mixture into a vehicle or truck mixer. Our truck loaders are specifically adapted to the circumstances in order to cover all customer needs.


Washers are used for washing contaminated and clotted material.

Weighing belt

Weighing belts are used for the weighing of the bulk material at standstill or during ongoing operations.

Non-metallic minerals


Choosing the right partner is essential for the success of a project. We have the following sole agencies across Switzerland:

Non-metallic minerals


Customers appreciate our systems because they are user-friendly, robust and durable.

Aarekies Aarau-Olten AG

New gravel plant in Buchs: Start of a new era

ARGE GRIMSEL (Frutiger AG, Implenia Schweiz AG, Ghelma AG)

Material-Aufbereitungsanlage Gerstenegg

Arge MBR Los 4.0

Double track expansion, Rosshäusern–Mauss

Baustoffe Schollberg AG

Treatment of alpine limestone: chipping processing and loading in Trübbach

Carrière du Lessus HB SA

Neubau Schotterwaschanlage

Eltecna AG

Conveyor system for feeding into the concrete plant in Rümlang

H2M Exploitation SA, Vufflens-la-Ville

New construction of a washing and sorting system

Kästli Bau AG

Overhaul of pre-washing system in Rubigen

Kieswerk Oldis AG, Haldenstein

New construction of the processing plant

Liebherr AG

Loading of concrete plant and truck loader in Schinznach-Dorf

Martin Montalta Kies Transport Aushub

New gravel plant in Schnaus, Ilanz

Mertec Engineering AG - Curved conveyor

Curved conveyor from the primary crusher to the cement plant in Ras al Khaimah (UAE)

Mertec Engineering AG - Noora

New furnace feed and packaging station in Ras al Khaimah (UAE)

Messerli Kieswerk AG, Oberwangen

Gravel plant in Oberwangen – Better things come to those who wait

Ortsbürgergemeinde Niederlenz

New construction and refurbishment of gravel plant

Richi AG

Washing of mixed demolition waste, concrete recycling, excavation and gravel in Weiningen

Steinag Rozloch AG

Processing of high-quality quarry material of 0-22 mm in Stansstad

Trutmann + Co.

Secondary silo plant for cement factory in Regensdorf

Vigier Beton, Aebisholz

Conversion of the crusher plant in Oensingen – modernisation and performance enhancement

Vigier Beton, Wimmis

Turn four into one: New gravel plant and concrete plant feed in Wimmis

Weiacher Kies AG

New plant for crushed sand processing 2

Non-metallic minerals

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