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Richi AG

With the new treatment plant, Richi AG can wash and recycle secondary materials incurring from demolition, tolerably contaminated materials as well as gravelly excavation and gravel.

Client/developer: Richi AG

Place: Weiningen

Project: construction of new treatment plant

Year of construction: 2012

As general contractor, Frei Fördertechnik took over the delivery and installation of the gravel and recycling plant as well as the concrete plant. An additional concrete plant was built alongside the existing concrete plant. The raw material is fed to the plant via a jaw crusher and an impact crusher. The washing process is carried out via two completely separate water circuits with two turbo washers. The clarified and treated water will be supplied to the treatment process in a closed system. The sizing of the products is done with an elliptic screening machine. The mixtures for the concrete plant can be collected via the combined batch feed system from the existing and the new silo systems. At the same time, the truck loader can be supplied.

Special features

  • Processing of primary materials and tolerably contaminated materials
  • Recirculation of drip and surface water

Technical data

Feed material: 0 – 32 mm

Plant feed capacity: 100 t/h

Throughput capacity, crushing plant: 100 t/h

Loading capacity: 550 t/h

Installed power: 996 kW

Water circulation volume: 250 m3/h

Final product, primary gravel: 0/4; 4/8; 8/16; 16/32

Final product, mixed demolition material: 0/4; 4/8; 8/16; 16/32

Installed machinery (selection): Crusher: Vortex, washer: Müller, sewage system: Tecnoidea, control: LST

Contact person

Jan Blatter
Co-CEO, Leiter Projektverkauf

Telefon +41 31 720 56 10
Mobile +41 79 351 11 34