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Panellino AG

The Panellino AG bakery and confectioner in Cortébert produces bread in large quantities. A conveyor system, which additionally serves as a cooling section, was installed for transporting the loaves from the baking oven on the second floor down to the ground floor.

Client/developer: Panellino AG

Place: Cortébert

Project: conveyor system for bread

Year of construction: 2014

For this contract, Frei Fördertechnik AG implemented all steps from planning to installation and commissioning. A conveyor system was designed for a very confined space, which spans the floor height of 4.6 metres and can also be used as a cooling section. The modular belts are equipped with heat-resistant link belt chains. Due to the soiling caused by bread crumbs, the entire conveyor line is equipped with covers below the belt. The transfer chutes are designed such that the loaves are gently passed from one belt to the next. Small cleats on the descending belts prevent the loaves from sliding.

Special features

  • Special chutes for gentle transfer
  • Appropriate handling technology with a simple system control

Technical data

Conveyed goods: bread

Shape/dimensions: various

Conveying speed: 0.016 – 0.2 m/s

Belt widths: 850 mm

Components: modular chain conveyors, chutes, vibration channels

Contact person

Michel Hauser
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Telefon +41 31 720 56 63
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