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Eberhard Bau AG

This complex system has the purpose of processing heavily contaminated soils and ridding them of contaminants. Material, e.g. from the special landfill in Kölliken, can thus be recycled as secondary raw material or disposed of.

Client/developer: Eberhard Bau AG

Place: Oberglatt

Project: BAZO processing plant

Year of construction: 2010

Frei Fördertechnik AG took on the planning and manufacture of the entire conveyor system as well as the installation and commissioning. Control, conditioning drums, crusher, air purification and ventilation as well as the construction of the building were purchased directly by the customer.

Special features

  • Integration of the system into the already planned building allowed for little planning leeway
  • Precise planning of deliveries and interfaces was required due to the presence of diverse subcontractors
  • Difficult conditions for installation of the heavy system parts through the already installed roof

Technical data

Feed material: 120 t/h; 0 – 600 mm

Throughput capacity, crushing plant 1: 120 t/h

Throughput capacity, crushing plant 2: 120 t/h; 0 – 150 mm

Installed power: 900 kW

End products: iron; lightweight fraction 0/8; 8/32; 32/63

Installed machinery (selection): sizer, overbelt magnets, reaction drums, screening machines, windsifter