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Ziegelei Lauper AG

Ziegelei Lauper AG is part of FBB and is building a new brick plant. Frei Fördertechnik AG created the distribution system in three feeding hoppers and the feed into the press, including dirt bands under the brick plant machinery.

Client/developer: FBB

Place: Ziegelei Lauper AG, Pieterlen

Project: distribution, batch feed and conveyor system

Year of construction: 2014

As subcontractor, Frei Fördertechnik AG was responsible for the distribution and conveyor system. The transfer from the processing section to the conveyor system and the distribution to the three feeding silos constitutes the interface.

Special features

  • Supplying the three feeders throughout operations
  • Automatic control with overfill sensors
  • After the three feeders, transfer to the press with ascending collection belt
  • Plant accessible with stairs and catwalks

Technical data

Feed material: clay

Plant feed capacity: 30 t/h

Installed power: 40 kW