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Vigier Beton, Aebisholz

At the Aebisholz gravel plant, the round-gravel section has already been modernised. Now the crushing section has to be refurbished. The newly screened final products permit grain compositions of any kind.

Client/developer: Vigier Beton Mittelland, Kieswerk Aebisholz AG

Place: Oensingen

Project: conversion of the crushing section

Year of construction: 2011/2012

Frei Fördertechnik AG took on the planning of the system, its manufacture as well as the installation and commissioning. The control system and the crusher were purchased directly by the client.

Special features 

  • Very short construction time
  • Surveying the existing system for the integration of the new equipment into the existing buildings was a major challenge
  • Rotating vibration chute to the crusher for the quick replacement of wear parts
  • Prevention of damage in the crusher through built-in metal detector
  • Minimal dust development through by encapsulated screening machines

Technical data

Feed material: round gravel, 32 – 90 mm (max. 120 mm.)

Plant feed capacity: 200 t/h, 0 – 32 mm

Throughput capacity, crushing plant: 200 t/h

Installed power: 510 kW

Dedusting system: max. 34,500 m3/h

Final product, chippings: ulle0/2; 2/3; 3/4; 4/6; 6/8; 8/11; 11/16; 16/22; 22/32 (X)

Installed machinery (selection): trough feeder, vertical crusher, corrugated edge conveyor, elliptic screening machine, sizer, belt feeders, dedusting system