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Trutmann + Co.

For the Trutmann + Co. cement goods factory, Frei Fördertechnik AG manufactured a silo plant which is used to produce special blends for the production of garden paving slabs and moulded cement parts. The mixtures are transported to the factory hall on a cross belt. Emptying the silo is also possible by an elevating conveyor.

Client/developer: Trutmann + Co.

Place: Regensdorf

Project: secondary silo plant

Year of construction: 2013

Together with the controller manufacturer Peter Wüst from Reinach, Frei Fördertechnik AG built a silo plant with the following conveyor components: special batch feeders for discharge, weighing collection conveyor, cross belt into the factory hall, chevron emergency discharge belt. Six silos with a capacity of 7 m each3are used. Under each silo, a belt feeder can transfer a batch of 1 m3 to the weighing belt below. The weighing belt stands on weighing cells and determines the exact batch. Once the mixing weight is reached, the batch is transported from the weighing belt via the cross belt into the factory hall.

Special features

  • Special lateral guide for the weighing belt results in intermediate silos of 1 m each3
  • Standing weighing
  • Reversible weighing belt for feeding the emergency discharge belt and cross belt into the factory hall

Technical data

Feed material: sand, gravel, limestone, various stone types (as individual components)

Plant feed capacity: 50 m3/h = 90 t/h

Grain size: 0 – 32 mm

Installed machinery: 6 silos each with 7 m3 of capacity, jogging motors, 6 special belt feeders with emergency flap, reversible weighing collection conveyor, cross belt into factory building, emergency discharge belt for the emptying of the silos