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Trough chain conveyor

The purpose of a trough chain conveyor is to transport heavily flowing or very dusty material in a closed system. The principle of a trough chain conveyor is that the material is transported without agitation in a trough by means of a chain equipped with cleats. Our trough chain conveyors are adapted to the specific circumstances to ensure that all customer needs are covered.

Scope of application

  • Gravel plants
  • Concrete plants/concrete recycling plants
  • Stone crushing plants
  • Quarries
  • Excavation washing plants
  • Cement plants
  • General materials handling

Technical data

Width: up to approx. 500 mm

Length: up to approx. 40 m

Gradient: up to approx. 15°

Speed: 0.1 – 0.9 m/s

Flow capacity: up to approx. 250 t/h

Drive: slip-on gear motor

Belt design: Galvanised steel sheet construction

Special design: makes that vary from the aforementioned specifications are available on request


  • Feed/discharge hopper
  • Casing with maintenance door
  • Inspection glass
  • Support/suspension
  • Spindle tensioner
  • Flat pusher with scraper flap
  • Intermediate shelf with dosing slide gate
  • Emergency pull-wire switch
  • Speed monitor
  • Temperature probe
  • Overflow protection