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Steinag Rozloch AG

The Rüti quarry has a 100-metre chute, in which fine particles are produced through friction. They do not meet the required standard for production. With the new system, these components are refined into high-quality concrete aggregate components.

Client/developer: Steinag Rozloch AG

Place: Stansstad

Project: processing plant

Year of construction: 2013

As general contractor, Frei Fördertechnik AG took on the implementation of the entire plant. The complete steel construction and the silo battery were placed on a foundation slab. The preparatory work for the foundations was extremely elaborate due to the rocky subsoil.

Special features

  • Jetting chute for cleaning and vertical crusher for the standardised cubing of the material as the heart of the system
  • Steep build-up of the material
  • Option for double assignment of many silos
  • Compact design of the system due to lack of space

Technical data

Feed material: quarry stone, 0 – 22 mm

Plant feed capacity: 70 t/h, 0 – 22 mm

Throughput capacity, crushing plant: 70 t/h

Loading capacity: 400 t/h

Installed power: 500 kW

Water circulation volume: max. 250 mm3/h

Final product, chippings: 0/2UK, 0/2, 2/4, 4/8, 8/11, 11/16

Installed machinery (selection): vertical crusher, elliptic screening machine, sand trap, cyclone plant, sewage treatment plant, pan mixer