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Spaltag AG

Spaltag specialises in the disposal of contaminated sludge. The sludge is drained on site and loaded into big bags or truck troughs. The dried materials are weighed directly on the new conveyor system before loading.

Developer: Spaltag AG

Place: Urdorf

Project: plant for the weighing and transport of sludge

Year of construction: 2012

Together with the control manufacturer LST, Frei Fördertechnik AG was awarded the contract for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a conveyor system for the loading of dried sludge in truck troughs. The requirement specifications demanded an optimum volume and weight distribution of the material in the transport troughs. This was implemented by weighing the material on conveyor belt 1 and using a reversible slewing belt conveyor and movable belt conveyor.

Special features 

  • Support of conveyor belt 1 on weighing cells
  • Freely programmable discharge positions for optimal loading of the troughs using rotary encoder drives
  • High demands on the scraper system

Technical data

Feed material: sludge

Feed capacity: 20 m3/h = 20 t/h

Feed sizes: 0 – 100 mm

Installed components: 4 conveyor belts in total, of which 1 pivotable reversing shuttle, steel and sheet metal constructions