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Schweizer Zucker AG

Due to the high maintenance costs, the old chain conveyor system was replaced. Frei Fördertechnik AG has some convincing arguments to the client's advantage for the use of a new corrugated edge conveyor.

Developer: Schweizer Zucker AG

Place: Frauenfeld

Project: system for loading the coke and lime silos

Contract sum, FFAG: CHF 460,000.00

Year of construction: 2011

Frei Fördertechnik AG presented a new concept, which had clear advantages in terms of the routes of the dumpers as well as the silo capacity. To date, the limestone kiln was fed with coke and limestone via a silo. Since the silos and the chain conveyor no longer corresponded to the state of the art, they had to be replaced. The silo elevation made of was put on the existing concrete head of the silos, and the feed station was repositioned. The corrugated edge conveyor is fed via a silo with a loading height of three metres and a batch feed tray. With a connecting belt that overcomes the height difference to the corrugated edge conveyor, the limestone or the coke is transferred to the vertical conveyor. At the discharge station of the corrugated edge belt, each silo is fed from a reversing conveyor.

Special features
The system solution of Frei Fördertechnik AG made for a considerable increase of the silo capacity.

Technical data

Feed material: limestone, coke

Feed capacity: 80 m3/h = 120 t/h

Feed sizes: 0 – 150 mm

Vibrating chute: belt width controlled by frequency converter

Corrugated edge conveyor: 800 mm drive power

Corrugated edge conveyor: 18.5 kW

Distance between axles, corrugated edge conveyor: 26 m

Gradient, corrugated edge conveyor: 16 m with 90° gradient

Corrugated edge belts: type Flexowell

Corrugated edge height: 240 mm

Cleats: Tc 220, distance 250 mm