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RIVET connectors

Each connector type is available in a normal design and in stainless steel. Connections of 100 mm to 2000 mm belt widths are possible.

Mechanical connectors are available in stainless, galvanised steel in various sizes and designs; optionally with a coupling rod made of steel or nylon (food industry). There are two different connector types for belts with a nominal strength of up to 1,600 N/mm and a belt thickness up to 30 mm. Detachable connectors (with coupling rods) are ideal for belts that must be changed, cleaned and extended frequently. Detachable connectors are also used when belts of different thickness must be connected or inserts manufactured. Permanent connectors (plate connectors) are ideal for systems with large pulleys and high demands on wear and stability. Connection with no moving parts – therefore less wear and a long service life. Technical data

Type: Rivet R2, EP400, belt thickness 5-10 mm Type: Rivet R5, EP800, belt thickness 6 – 11 mm