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Mifa AG

Mifa AG, headquartered in Frenkendorf, is the largest manufacturer of detergents and edible fats in Switzerland. They produce mainly for Migros. The new high-speed filling system manages to count washing machine tabs and fill them into boxes at a rate of up to 800 tabs per minute.

Client/developer: Mifa AG

Place: Frenkendorf

Project: filling system for tabs

Year of construction: 2014

For this contract, Frei Fördertechnik AG implemented all steps from planning to manufacturing. The washing machine tabs are taken from the seal packer at a rate of up to 800 tabs per minute. Special belt conveyors accelerate the tabs to around 3.7 metres per second. Special sensors count the tabs and distribute them accordingly to one chute on the right and one on the left. Cardboard boxes aligned in two rows are positioned beneath the two chutes. The vibrating unit ensures an ideal distribution of the products into the boxes during the filling process; the vacuum exhauster holds the boxes in place during the process. The pneumatic stoppers ensure that the boxes are properly positioned for the filling and transferred in time. Such top performance can only be achieved with sophisticated solutions and premium quality products.

Special features

  • Top speed on the conveyor belts
  • High-speed switch for product distribution
  • Large adjustment range for different box sizes

Technical data

Conveyed goods: washing machine tabs

Shape/dimensions: Rectangular/round

Capacity: max. 800 pcs/min

Belt widths: 100/300 mm

Components: modular belts, box distributor, vacuum exhauster for box holding, acceleration belts, pneumatic high-speed switch, vibrating unit for optimal filling