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Lignocalor Seeland AG

Lignocalor Seeland AG supplies wood chips to various heating systems. Frei Fördertechnik AG was commissioned as a subcontractor with the creation of a new loading facility for trucks with material reception and batch feeding.

Client/developer: Lignocalor Seeland AG

Place: Bern

Project: Batch feed and truck loading system

Contract sum, FFAG: CHF 375,000.00

Year of construction: 2012

As a subcontractor, Frei Fördertechnik AG assumed both the detailed planning and the implementation of the batch feed and truck loading system with distribution equipment. The interface is by means of power shovels in the material acceptance and batch feeder. Three 11.5-kilowatt drives with frequency converters enable the batch feeding.

Special features

  • Worm acceptance and batch feed box with a volume of about 30 m3 and an output rate of 250 m3 per hour, with 3 screw conveyors, adjustable with frequency converter
  • Ascending conveyor belt with distributor to trucks with a volume of approx. 100 m3 
  • No soiling, easy operation

Technical data

Feed material: woodchips 100 x 40 x 30, max. 300 mm

Loading capacity: 250 m3/h

Installed power: 51 kW