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Liebherr AG

The existing gravel plant in Schinznach is being replaced. The new concrete plant, supplied by Liebherr Baumaschinen AG, must be equipped with an appropriate material feed.

Client: Liebherr Baumaschinen AG

Developer: Samuel Amsler AG

Place: Schinznach-Dorf

Project: feed of concrete plant and truck loader

Year of construction: 2013

As subcontractor, Frei Fördertechnik AG was responsible for the detailed planning and execution of the concrete plant feed and truck loader. The interface to the new sections of the plant is formed by the material transfer in the batch feed basement from the existing collection belt to the new discharge belt. The transport of material to the concrete plant and truck loader is done by a truss belt with top-mounted stabiliser (support span 30 m). The structure was designed so as to ensure vertical clearance for large vehicles. The reversing belt on the corner tower manufactured in a lightweight design passes the material flow either to the concrete plant or to the truck loader.

Special features

  • The integrated drip tray at the loading station for truck-mounted mixers ensures the clean loading of the vehicles.
  • Special material transfers on account of narrow spaces with defined clearance heights
  • Movable material chute to the concrete plant feed so that the feed hopper can also be loaded with power shovels and dumpers

Technical data

Feed material: Gravel, 0 – 63 from collection belt

Feed capacity: 400 t/h

Loading capacity: 400 t/h

Installed power: 40 kW (only components from FFAG)

Drive, loading hopper: electric cylinder