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Landor AG

Birsfelder Auhafen, a hub on the Rhine river, connects river, rail and road, making for optimal conditions for simple and inexpensive logistics. The unloading station of Landor AG was refurbished for the unloading of cargo ships with power shovels to the new silo with batch feed belt.

Client/developer: Landor AG

Place: Auhafen, Birsfelden

Project: Batch feed belt/curved conveyor belt

Year of construction: 2013

As subcontractor, Frei Fördertechnik AG was responsible for the belt feeding and the curved conveyor belt. The pipe conveyor was replaced by a newly designed curved conveyor belt. The silo discharge with the belt feeder and the curved conveyor is the interface to the existing silo distribution system. The belt feeder is reversible for railway loading or loading in the existing feeding hopper with distribution system.

Special features

  • Special frameworks for curved conveyor upwards due to the space available for the rail transport: vertical clearance 5 metres, support width 38 or 42 metres, turning radius R400 metres
  • Cover and catwalk made of special PVC
  • Drive, tension drum, rollers, feed hopper and transfer station made of V2A material
  • Two-component epoxy resin, total layer thickness 200 µ
  • Installation work during ongoing railway operation

Technical data

Feed material: various fertilisers

Plant feed capacity: 350 t/h, controllable

Loading capacity: 650 t/h, controllable

Installed power: 35.5 kW

Belt feeder: Belt width 1,000 mm, reversible

Curved conveyor belt: Belt width 800 mm, AA 185 m