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Fuji Packaging GmbH

Fuji Packaging GmbH manufactures packaging machines and has implemented this system on behalf of Fortisa SA in Zuchwil. Fortisa SA makes round and oval bread loaves for a well-known retailer with high quality standards.

Client: Fuji Packaging GmbH

Developer: Fortisa SA

Place: Zuchwil

Project: conveyor system for bread feed

Year of construction: 2010

For this project, Frei Fördertechnik AG planned and delivered the conveyor system for the general contractor Fuji Packaging GmbH. The loaves, which exit the cooling section in a disorderly fashion, have to be sorted into a single line for the packaging unit. This can be achieved for each product with different speed parameters and various settings of the guides.

Special features

  • Increased complexity on account of a very confined space
  • Lifting device for the conversion of lines 1 and 2
  • Exceptionally high flow capacity and short distance for merging
  • For small loaves, deflections must be correspondingly small, with the option of high speeds
  • Variable distribution depending on the fill level of the packaging plant

Technical data

Conveyed goods: loaves of Ø 4"- 5.5", round, l = 135 – 165 mm, oval

Capacity: up to 30,000 loaves/hour, 500 loaves/minute, 8.3 loaves/second

Machinery: 2 packaging lines, 1 packaging line consisting of 1 feeder, 1 lifting device