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Emmi Käse AG

Emmi Käse AG in Kirchberg processes various cheese products from storage to finished items. The conveyor system supports the client with conveyance – from wheels of cheese to the removal of bulk material.

Client/developer: Emmi Käse AG

Place: Kirchberg

Project: conveyor system for cheese preparation

Year of construction: 2012

As general contractor, Frei Fördertechnik AG implemented the system from planning to commissioning, including the control unit. The feeding of the cheese wheels to the passing machine or to the blade is monitored automatically so that the correct mixtures are produced every time. The weight of the filled "paloxes" (pallet boxes) is automatically detected, and the palox is replaced as needed. The system meets the strictest requirements in terms of sanitary design.

Special features

  • Stainless-steel curved belt conveyor with quick clamping device for easy belt unloading.
  • Palox conveying elements with gear wheel drive for maintenance-free, hygienic operation with no residues on the chain
  • Lifting transfer unit with quick clamping systems for easy cleaning

Technical data

Conveyed goods: cheese wheels, cheese as bulk good, paloxes (pallets)

Size: wheels of Ø 450 – 650 mm

Weight: max. 45 kg for wheels, 500 kg for paloxes

Machinery: scraping device, cutting machine, passing machine, scale

Mixture: mixing process is automatically monitored

Capacity: 200 kg/min