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The treatment plant of DHZ AG extracts important raw materials and recyclables from the WI slag. By means of manual sorting coupled with mechanical screening and sorting, a maximum separation of recyclable materials is achieved.

Client/developer: DHZ AG

Place: Lufingen

Project: Supersort

Year of construction: 2012/2013

As general contractor, Frei Fördertechnik AG took on the construction of the plant for the processing and handling technology. This way, the planning, detailed design, manufacturing, installation, control and electrical system as well as commissioning could be provided from a single source. The planning criteria of the builder were taken into account at all times.

Special features
Short construction time: The new plant was put into operation after only nine months.

Technical data

Feed material: WI slag, 0 – 300 mm

Plant feed capacity: 80 t/h

Annual output: 150,000 t

Installed power: 730 kW

End products: scrap iron, non-ferrous metals, organic contaminants

Installed machinery (selection): circular motion vibrating screening machine, flip-flow screening machine, trough feeders, conveyor belts, handpicking cabin with ventilation system, windsifter, non-ferrous separator, rotor shredder