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Conveyor belt

Our standard conveyor belts are equipped with a flat rubber belt and recessed stations. This allows the material to be conveyed up to a gradient of approx. 21°. Our standard programme includes four belt widths, chassis structures for spans of up to 42 m, clamping and drive stations and all conveyor inspections. With these cost-effective standard designs and individual special constructions, we meet all customer requirements.

Scope of application

  • Gravel plants
  • Concrete plants/concrete recycling plants
  • Stone crushing plants
  • Quarries
  • Excavation washing plants
  • Cement plants
  • General materials handling

Technical data

Belt widths: 400 – 2,000 mm (standard: 500, 650, 800, 1,000 mm)

Distance between axles: Individually according to customer requirements

Gradient: up to approx. 21°

Conveying speed: 1.05 - 2.61 m/s

Flow capacity: up to approx. 1,500 t/h

Drive: slip-on gear motor

Spans: up to 42 m

Belt design: UPE 140/UPE 270/ truss bridge

Special design: makes that vary from the aforementioned specifications are available on request


  • Covers, top/bottom
  • Pre- and main scrapers/plough scrapers
  • Feed hopper/lateral guide
  • Intrusion protection/grating
  • Catwalk/bypass platform
  • Support/suspension
  • Transfer chute
  • Snub pulley
  • Spindle tensioner
  • Vertical/horizontal weight tensioning station
  • Emergency pull-wire switch
  • Speed monitor
  • Off-track detector
  • Belt turn station
  • Conveyor belt scale
  • Metal detector